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Private health institutions - FONTIS - Practice of Internal Medicine and Dermatology


Tretmani za samopotamnjivanje sastoje se u nanošenju boje preparatom biljnog porijekla. Preparat sadrži Plantolin i Vitamin E i zahvaljujući njima boja se ravnomjerno raspoređuje po koži.
Pomoću preparata za samopotamnjivanje dobija se sjajan bronzani ten bez izlaganja suncu ili solarijumu, tako da se izbjegavaju štetna dejstva UV zračenja.
Ovakvo nanošenje boje mogu koristiti i trudnice, a dobijena boja je privremena i traje od 7 do 10 dana.

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Belongs to a group of newer SPA treatments. This treatment includes criogenic massage along with the usage of the glassy cold cryogenic balls. The technique contributes to a stronger refreshing effect of the treatment reducing therefore inflammations and irritations if they exist. Vasoconstrictional effect contributes to the tonification of the outer blood vessels and reduces skin redness. As regards the face, this treatment represents a combination of pleasure, tenderness and efficiency achieved by specific manual techniques.

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Hyaluron fillers stimulate synthesis of collagen and elastyn, protect against the free radicals and intensely moisturize the skin. In contact with water from the skin, hyaluron microspheres swell like a sponge thus filling the wrinkles. The result is visible after the first treatment - smaller wrinkles dissapear while deeper wrinkles become filled. For full effect 4-6 treatments are recommended.

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2. mikrodermabrazijaMICRODERMOABRASION performed with the device known as Reviderm is a new technique for the skin treatment and represents a combination of treatments with great dermocosmetic possibilities. All parameters of the skin activity – the flow rate of alluminium oxide crystals, the power of vacuum and the quantity of crystals, as well as the size of the active surface, can ideally be harmonized with the type and kind of the skin.
Microdermoabrasion is the most modern type of pilling, and is ideal for the treatment of the following:

  • atrophic and older skin
  • pigmented lesions and aged spots
  • acne, acne scars, impure skin
  • scars
  • skin damaged by UV radiation
  • body treatments
  • streches
  • celulite
  • wrinkles, with the possibility of choosing different treatments
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1. bdrBDR TREATMENT METHOD (Beauty Defect Repair)
It is based on a new technology that guaranties faster and more efficient penetration of active substances into the skin. Gentle perforation is limited to a few microns so that the living cells and capillaries remain unharmed. The treatment gives a pleasant stimulating feeling of tightness of the skin and tissue. BDR system of the fruit acids is very pleasant and is recommended for all types of skin.
Hyaluron, which is applied to the skin during the treatment, promotes skin rejuvenation by moisturizing it and replenishing its natural water depots.
Argireline is a substance that acts in such a way to relax muscles and reduce wrinkles made by facial mimicry.
Vitamin E protects the skin and reduces cell damage caused by the free radicals responsible for premature skin aging. It performs an anti-inflammatory effect as well.

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