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Problematic skin treatment

It is estimated that the skin diseases affect 20 – 30% of population, and from this percent, 10% has impeded daily activities. Three most often skin diseases – acne, eczema, and psoriasis are chronic diseases which can be really unpleasant. Considering the fact that the patients with skin diseased usually first go to the pharmacist, the right choice of the remedy has an important role in the success of the therapy and in the general well being of the patient. Years of experience has led us to direct the development of the firm in the following three ways:

  • Treatment of acne on the skin on the face, at the back, on the breasts, and on the upper part of the hands
  • Treatment of all other changes on the skin (eczema, psoriasis, warts, calluses, etc)
  • kin care with various products and treatments

All recipe preparation and production are made of unique combinations and they are the result of many years of experience. The creation and development of its products use the highest quality ingredients and proven technology processes. At the same time intensely explore new opportunities and improve processes in order to improve service quality.

Our system of acne treatment is based on regular cleaning of the skin and regular application of the cosmetic preparations which have a goal to enhance the synthesis of collagen and elastine. Besides the regular control, for a successful removal of acne the treatments are very important, and they are an “elongated hand” of treatment, because among other things the black spots are being cleaned and the pores are being liberated so the medicinal substance can have a better effect.

The combination of the preparations which we are using as milks, tonics or lotions, daily and night creams have healing substances. That is a synergic effect of the chemistry and healing nature, that is, a combination of the antibiotics, antiseptics, astringencies, keratolytics etc. and healing herbs in the shape of infusions, tincture or gel which are incorporated into the surface. The surfaces can be greasy, eucerin and with balms which contain waxes, and the surfaces of the type of gels which give the skin the necessary moisture. All the preparations fulfill the following effects:

  • They efficiently remove the extinct cells of the surface skin and in that way they open the sebaceous glands
  • They do not irritate the skin
  • With its antibacterial effect they are overhauling the existing inflammatory processes
  • They are not toxic and they can be used without any limits
  • They can be used safely during the whole year, because they do not have a photo allergic effect

For a successful curing of acne the patience of the patient is very important, because the curing usually lasts from 3 to 6 months, and sometimes even longer, depending on the state of the skin and the previous treatments For the removal of the scars which are the result of the untreated or wrongly treated acne, it takes more time, even up to two years, depending on the depth of the scar.

With our receipts which are based on combination of the natural surfaces and active principles from the herbs in combination with the official preparations we have achieved great results in curing eczema, psoriasis, hemorrhoids, alopecia, anti dandruff and loss of hair, chapped nipples in wet nurses, allergic reactions etc.

FONTIS uses a unique approach in the treatment of healthy and problem skin of their clients by combining consulting services with the production of individually customized products.