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Private health institutions - FONTIS - Practice of Internal Medicine

Healthy skin treatment

The medical care of healthy skin is not just in the function of beauty, but it also has a goal of preventing a disease. Our products are outlined in that way that they are being prepared according to the current state of the skin, and not according to the type of the skin, because the skin type is permanent and it varies very little, and our skin endures often changes. In order for skin to be beautiful, not depending on the years, it has to be treated right, and most of all it has to be cleaned thoroughly. Treatment of skin is made of several phases which need to be systematically repeated:

  • Cleaning
  • Tonsure
  • Hydration
  • Revitalization (treatment of skin)

Depending on the type and the state of the skin we have various types of treatments which have certain role:

  • Facial treatment with BDR method
  • Microdermoabrasion of face
  • Microdermoabrasion of back
  • Spa touch of acne
  • Medical treatment of acne
  • Classical treatment
  • Removal and soothing of scars and urrows
  • Biological treatment
Among other services we offer are the following:
  • Removal of celulite and fat deposits
  • Removal and soothing of streched marks
  • Body massage
  • Body depilation
  • Sugaring paste (epilation)
  • Spa touch epilation
  • Self-tanning with natural color
  • Manicure
  • Gel nail extension
  • Pedicure
  • Medical pedicure
  • Eyebrows dyeing and correction
  • Day and night makeup
TREATMENTS: Five elements
Treatment intended for women from 25 and more is consisted of five elements. It gives the light and freshness to the skin which is tired and under a stress; it renovates it and relaxes it. It reacts against the first signs of aging and gives a feeling of a real pleasure.
For more mature skin
For more mature skin we are recommending the treatment with the exothermic mask. A very important part of the treatment is a specific technique of manual massage – that is an anti age massage which includes relaxation of the muscles, face lifting and a pleasant feeling. Mineral exothermic mask in the first 10 minutes provokes the warmth and then comes a hyperthermia of the skin, the pores are being widened and the structure of the skin is being renewed. The micro circulation and oxidation of skin are also being enhanced, and then comes the increase of the absorption of the active substances in the skin.
For mixed and greasy skin
The treatment is meant for the persons of mixed and greasy skin and to the persons who periodically have problems with skin. It cleans the skin aiming individual problems of each client. It removes the excess of secret of sebum, reduces spots, and sooths the rash. The result of this treatment is fresh, smooth, and tender skin, and a fresh complexion.
For weary skin
For more mature skin which is weary and under a stress, we are performing a treatment with which the skin is being softened and calmed, protected from the free radicals, regeneration of the cells occurs and the skin is provided with the oxygen. After this treatment the skin acquires a refreshing and shiny complexion.
For persons older than 35
The treatment intended for the persons older than 35 where the complexion is without the shine and to persons with pigment spots functions in that way that it stirs the deep regeneration of the skin and prevents its loosening. Vitamin C stimulates the synthesis of collagen, destroys the free radicals and allows the reduction of pigment spots.
For dry skin
For the dry, and dehydrated and not just old skin we have the treatment with the algae. During that treatment the cells are being regenerated and the better hydration of the skin is provided. It makes the skin smooth and shiny; it tightens it and revitalizes it. White algae have very high lifting effects and give a lot of moisture to the skin.
For sensitive skin
The treatment for sensitive and rosaceous skin calms and refreshes and gives the skin softness. It stimulates the circulation and strengthens the capillary wall. It protects the skin from the free radicals. After the treatment the skin is smooth, refreshed, revitalized and resistant to outside effects.