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Private health institutions - FONTIS - Practice of Internal Medicine

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All formulations of our products are the result of our own research work, connections between pharmacist profession (healing substances) and healing nature and its goods which is an inexorable source of knowledge. The possibility of preparation of the products in our own laboratory ex tempore (in case of need) or in small series allows us great flexibility, that is, on every change on the skin we are reacting in right moment with a suitable medication. With the production of the medication in small amounts we are avoiding the usage of conservers or their usage is being reduced to a minimum of natural conservers. Many years of experience has led to creation of a wide palette of products, which are classified into two groups:

  • Fontis cosmetics (which is meant for the nurture of healthy skin)
  • Fontis dermatics (which is meant for healing of certain changes on the skin)

For the production of the remedies we use active substances from the herbs, mainly from our areas, but also some imported herbs. They are combined with natural eucerin bases, with gel based foundations (which give skin the necessary moisture), or with balms which are prepared with waxes and extracts from the herbs which leave emollient film on the skin. The jojoba oil, marigold oil, evening primrose oil, oil made from wheat germs, milfoil, Klamath weed, d – panthenol, gel made of comfrey, marsh mallow root gel, vitamins E. B, and C, tinctures of nettle, ivy, coltsfoot, chamomile, thyme, rosemary, sage are just a part of substances which are being used for the preparation of the products in the Fontis laboratory. For the treatment of various changes on the skin, products which contain antibiotics, keratolytics , keratoplastics, antiseptics, adstrigenses are being prepared in combination with the active principles from healing herbs. Pharmacist’s shapes which are being prepared in the laboratory are:

  • creams, lotions
  • emulsions
  • balms
  • tonics
  • suspensions
  • gels
  • teas
  • infusions
  • suppositories
  • vaginal tablets

Our products are outlined in that way that they are being prepared according to the current state of the skin and not according to the type of the skin, because the skin type is permanent and it varies very little, and our skin endures often changes. In order for skin to be beautiful, not depending on the years, it has to be treated right, and most of all it has to be cleaned thoroughly.


Peloderm is a natural preparation and represents a combination of sea peloid and herbal plants in appropriate base. Sea peloid is rich in minerals, oligo elements, organic substances and has active effect on skin surface, absorbs bacteria, organic and non organic compounds, it has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antivirus effect and it absorbs skin pus caps secretion. Herbal plants have antiseptic, adstringent and anti-inflammatory effect to skin, increase humidity of the skin and along with zinc, protect from UV rays.