2. mikrodermabrazijaMICRODERMOABRASION performed with the device known as Reviderm is a new technique for the skin treatment and represents a combination of treatments with great dermocosmetic possibilities. All parameters of the skin activity – the flow rate of alluminium oxide crystals, the power of vacuum and the quantity of crystals, as well as the size of the active surface, can ideally be harmonized with the type and kind of the skin.
Microdermoabrasion is the most modern type of pilling, and is ideal for the treatment of the following:

  • atrophic and older skin
  • pigmented lesions and aged spots
  • acne, acne scars, impure skin
  • scars
  • skin damaged by UV radiation
  • body treatments
  • streches
  • celulite
  • wrinkles, with the possibility of choosing different treatments