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RF bipolar treatment device offers a new, bipolar radio-frequency method of therapy with a wide range of effects. Its application is very simple with extraordinary results in skin rejuvenation.
The results are a considerable improvement of the skin that reflects in its color, stimulation of vasodilatation, creation of fibroblasts, tightening of the skin, stimulation of circulation, improvement of the skin turgor and regeneration of the existing skin collagen.
INDICATION for RF Bipolar treatment in cosmetics:

  • wrinkles
  • turgor improvement
  • skin metabolism improvement
  • stimulation of fibroblasts creation and creation of new collagen
  • localized fat deposits reduction
  • treatment of cellulite in all stadiums
  • mimic wrinkles smoothing
  • loose skin tightening and, as a result, shaping of the body and face
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