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Why and how do acne start appearing?

Acne appear in sebaceous glands, in the places where they don’t exist (for e.g. on eye lids) acne do not appear. Sebaceous glands are located in different number on the face and on the body. Where the sebaceous glands are more numerous the black spots and acne appear there more often. Some of the causes of the appearance of acne are:
  • Increased grease of the skin (hyper seborrhea), weak androgens, mostly originating from the adrenal are the selective causers of the increased greasing of the skin
  • Genetic factor – mostly acne appear in persons who have some predispositions for that
  • Psychogenetic factor – has the influence in the pathogenesis of acne
Healthy sebaceous gland functions in that way that it extracts the tallow in normal physiological amount over the surface of the skin and gives it a nice and healthy appearance. For the appearance of acne the changes on the sebaceous gland are responsible, which are the reflection of certain inner functions of the organism, which are characteristic for young people of both gender in the period of adolescence and puberty, and which can appear even later, such as: activity of gender hormones, genetic predisposition, stress and constant nervous tension, increase the greasiness of the skin, make the skin swell, they provoke the closing of sebaceous glands, and with that the they provoke the appearance of black spots. They are seen as dark spots or salience on the skin and they are the precursors of acne. When because of the appeared black spot, the sebaceous gland closes, it can no longer extract the tallow on the surface of the skin, it becomes larger, it swallows, and on the outer part it creates a pussy peak – pustural lesion. The mechanism of this process is still the subject of research. In the further process acne can turn into and even harder stadiums, up to the most difficult ones – acne conglobata – which leave the scars on the skin. As it is impossible to remove the causers of the appearance of the black spots, with application of certain measures it is possible

Do both genders equally suffer from acne?

Acne appear at both genders, and they appear earlier at girls. At boys they are more frequent on the back and they have a harder intensity.

How does one clean ones face skin?

Healthy normal skin has chemically equalized environment, and it is mildly acid. pH environment is around 5,5 and it does not allow pathological germs to settle, and with that multiply on it. The acid cloak of the skin is damaged in pathological changes as well as in the often washing of the skin with the alkali soaps and detergents. That is why inadequate hygienic means with a bad pH environment disrupt the natural balance.

Does the stress cause their appearance?

Yes, it can be a causer of the appearance of acne.

What about the constant tension?

Yes, it can be the causer of the appearance of acne as well.

What effect does sun have on acne?

In the majority of cases moderate sunbathing has a beneficial effect on acne, as well as the sea water.

Do we need to squeeze acne?

It is not recommended, because it causes complications and leads to a harder and longer treatment.

The length and the success of treatment?

It depends on the case, that is, the stadium of acne when the treatment began.
For a successful treatment of acne the patience of the patient is important too, because it usually lasts from 3 to 6 months, and sometimes even longer, depending on the state when the treatment started. For the removal of the scars which appeared as a result of untreated or maltreated acne it takes longer, even up to two years, depending on the depth of the scar.

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