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      M. A. pharmacist Slavica Vučurović, director
      With a serious system of work and precise business expression Fontis Ltd. led by a team of pharmacists has created remedies for treatment and skin therapy.
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      M. A. pharmacist Zorica Potpara
      Fontis also has a salon for treatment and skin therapy known as Fontela, for whose needs the remedies are being produced in our own laboratory, which were made thanks to the many years of experience, creative challenges and projection of what is possible.
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    Fontis Ltd. deals with:

    • services and retail trade
    • production of medical cosmetics
    • supporting healing remedies, sanitary material, chemicals, and cosmetic medical provision

    Our team is made of:
    • Msci. Pharmacists
    • Msci. Pharmacists, specialists in pharmacist technology
    • Pharmacist technicians
    • Cosmeticians


INGREDIENTS: Peloid - mineral mud from the Ulcinj coast of the Adriatic sea, extracts of the organically grown herbal plants: Agrimonia eupatoria - wounded, Achillea millofolium-milfoil, Plantago lanceolata - plantain, Matricaria chamomila - camomile, Satureja montana - heather, Foenugraeci semon - Greek seed, talk, zinc, hydrophilic substrate.
EFFECT: Peloderm is a natural preparation and represents combination of sea peloid and herbal plants in appropriate base. Sea peloid is rich with minerals, oligo elements, organic substances and has active effect on skin surface, absorbs bacteria, organic and non organic compounds, it has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antivirus effect and it absorbs skin pus caps secretion. Herbal plants has antiseptic, adstringent and antiinflammatory effect to skin, increases humidity of the skin and along with zinc, protects from UV rays. Peloderm creme acts in a way that it:

  • reduces secretion of sebum thus preventing creation of comedone and acnes
  • acts antibacterically and anti-inflammatory at all stages of acne
  • dries and reduces existing acne
  • acts on scars, mildening and removing them
  • calms skin irritation and redness
  • renews the epidermis
  • gives the skin mat appearance
  • narrows the pores
  • lightens the skin

INDICATIONS: Peloderm cream can be applied at all stages of acne, in case of seborrhea with or without comedones, inflammation of the hair root, acne scars
APPLICATION: Before applying Peloderm creme, a skin should be cleaned with facial cleansing milk and toned with tonic, depending on condition and type of the skin. If the acne made firm bump or there is pus top, a thicker layer of the cream should be applied at least two times a day. In the beginning there should be skin tightening and after that flaking as a result of good therapeutic effect. Positive results are visible after only a week. Period during which acnes should be completey cured varies depending on many factors. Great results that are reflected in reduced sebum secretion, anti inflammatory and antimicrobic effect and reduction of acnes are usually reached for 2 – 6 months (sometimes longer depending on the stage of acne) from the beginnig of the creme application and when there is no resistence to the preparation.
NOTE: Peloderm creme is fully natural preparation and hence, completely non harmful for organism. It can be used during longer period of time because there are no side effects. It does not cause any allergic reactions and it is not photosensitive i.e. it can be used during exposure of the face and body to the sun.
PACKAGE: Metal tube 20g
PRODUCED BY: FONTIS D.O.O. Tel.: +382 20 248 914

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